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A series of talks
In collaboration with India Habitat Centre

The truth is, the purpose of life is growth. We are here to become better every moment. To realise our highest potential. To overcome our weaknesses; capitalise on our strengths and develop our skills and talents. Life is not a passive experience to be endured; it is a gift to be cherished, explored and experienced. In pursuit of this mission, Life Positive Foundation has designed a series of talks by some of the most eminent healers, trainers and thinkers of our times who will use their expertise and knowledge to support and guide us towards transformation. Do not miss this valuable series.

Life Positive Foundation
Cordially invites you to attend
Lecture cum demonstration on Medical Hypnotherapy with Ritu Singh

13th September, 2013, 7:00 pm
Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi - 110003

About the Facilitator

Ritu Singh is a Complementary and Alternate Medicine Professional specializing in the field of Medical Hypnotherapy and Behavioral Resolutions using THETA Brain Waves and Regression Therapies. Ritu Singh is one of the Pioneer- teachers to train students in Clinical Hypnosis and Regression therapies and also studied Fertility using Hypnosis from Hypno Birthing Institute USA.

Known for her past knowledge and experience of Communication and Counselling in Aviation Sector, Ritu Singh was invited on live shows on television channels like NEWS24 and LIVE INDIA to present healing modalities using various tools to access Subconscious path of clients to guide them, and on Pragya TV for spiritual Counselling.

Ritu Singh trains people from the field of pharmacology , business, clinical psychology, teachers, school going children, homemakers, to enhance their creative potential , skills for management and handling relationships, is partnering international research paper on medicine and our beliefs.

Her association with Delhi Blind School will always be close to her heart. It gave her a chance to use hypnosis with students of various vocations there, and encouraged them to harness power of their mind.

Ritu Singh's life got an uplifted purpose when she became practitioner and teacher of Theta Healing modality. It widened her ambit of healing with an understanding that healing has Core, Genetic, History and Soul levels and healings can be clinically and Scientifically measured using subconscious energy testing methods and brain wave shifting, as healing is witnessed, on an EEG. She was invited by an eminent personality in Bhutan to teach practicing Buddhists about the modalities. They were awestruck by the efficacy that they could embrace their faith with better understanding.

Ritu Singh continues on her path with therapies and training workshops, training school going children that come to her for improved focus and concentration, college students, for career choices, partners, for relationship healings, people with weight issues; join her Rythm to the perfect weight workshop. She conducts weekly classes for children to introduce them to Love of god and their natural Intuition. Her vision is Empowerment of every soul so that we all together can be a part of Quantum change.

Broad Outline of her workshop

Participants will be taken through a sensory exercise of" Lemon experience"/ arm streching

Power of thoughts and words and subconscious beliefs of Self Sabotage

Past life regression as a therapy tool ...skills and talents remain in subconscious memory(real life examples of regression sessions and talent exploration)

Inner exploration by generating Theta Brain waves using RoadMap Meditation to get in touch with our inner self and putting positive suggestions in our subconscious

After this, there shall be interaction with the participants with a Question and Answer session.

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